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We know waste can take up so much precious room so, space permitting, we will install compaction machines for your cardboard and general waste as well as our patented 'bar to basement' glass crusher machines to quickly and quietly break down glass bottles into compact safer pieces - it really is amazing! Maybe you saw us on Dragon's Den?

Glass Crushers

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Up to 3 x 240L bins* worth of glass bottles crushed per bin

*based on typical medium sized machine

Glass Crushers

Our unique Glass Crushers quietly fragments, compacts and stores crushed glass bottles ready for collection, to reprocess and recycle. With disposal at the point-of-use, our glass crusher machines can hugely simplify and streamline both your in-bar and back-of-house waste disposal operations.

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Reduce Noise

Reduce Noise

More Capacity

More Capacity

Compact Size

Compact Size





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It's also pretty quiet!

Our crusher pulverises the bottles to a fraction of their original volume and the glass bottles are magically turned into sharp-free 'eco-sand', that can be safely held in the hand! Each machine can store up to 5000 crushed beer bottles before it needs to be emptied.


Keeping you and your neighbours happy!

As well as helping your business be as efficient as possible, compacting your glass means there's no more noise of tipping bottles into bins at the end of the night or ear-shattering early morning dustcart collections. Gone are the piles of bottles bags on the streets, replaced with neat tubs of safe sharp-free glass.

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Baler Machines

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Our balers compact cardboard and general waste, saving over 95% of the space that would have been taken up by loose boxes and bags

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Baler Machines

Whether your spare space is a broom cupboard or a loading bay, we supply equipment to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes.

With machines capable of dealing with anything from 20 to 200+ loose bags or boxes, we have a solution that will help toward an efficient waste management setup.

No matter the space - there's a baler to suit your needs.

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Our baler machines are available in a range of different sizes depending on your needs and premises.

They all quickly and easily compact down either your cardboard or general waste into strapped bales ready to be collected.

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